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The cap sleeve with its capped sleeves is our absolute classic and has been produced by us fairly and sustainably for many many years!

If you like it airy, light and casual, then our organic cotton cap sleeve t-shirt is the perfect outfit for you. Wear it with shorts or a casual skirt on warm days, as a breathable top for outdoor activities or even under a chic blazer on more formal occasions - our raglan cap sleeve shirt in its wide range of colors can be perfectly combined on many occasions.

Nachhaltige Bio Cap Sleeve T-Shirts
  • What is a cap sleeve?

    A cap sleeve t-shirt is a t-shirt with a special sleeve cut, where the sleeves are short and close to the shoulders. Also considered a sportier or dressier version of the classic t-shirt, cap sleeves come in a variety of variants and styles.

  • Why is the Cap Sleeve called what it is called?

    The name "cap sleeve" comes from the similarity of the sleeve cut to a hat or cap. The sleeve protrudes only slightly over the shoulder.

  • When is a cap sleeve a good choice?

    Cap sleeve t-shirts are great if you want an airy and light outfit. They are especially great on warm days and for outdoor activities.

    But a cap sleeve t-shirt can also be a good choice for formal occasions if it is chosen in an elegant color and combined with a blouse or jacket.

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Who made my clothes?

The cap sleeves are made from 100% organic cotton under fair conditions in southern India and are GOTS certified.

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